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Academic Support

Everything you need to know about Academic Support Services: Peer Consulting, Disability Services, Academic Probation, 1:1 meetings with our counselors, food, and more!

Pi Day- March 14th

Pi Day is celebrated every year on March 14th, or as close to it as possible. Academic Support is filled with an assortment of pies; pumpkin, cherry, apple, chocolate, banana, pizza, etc. We count on faculty and staff to support the event by donating any round foods for all to enjoy.

We also have short games and activities for students wanting to know more about Pi and see cool math-nerd tricks.

Come check it out in won't regret it...but your waistline might.

Stress Out & Tutor Appreciation

The end of term can be stressful. Tutor Appreciation & Stress Out Week is held the last week of classes before finals. Come in to grab a snack and refuel to knock out those last papers and projects. While you're in here, take the time to thank the tutor(s) who have helped you through the semester. A little appreciation goes a long way!