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This guide introduces SOAR students to NVU Libraries and the people who work there.

Our NVU Libraries Website, SearchNorth, and ProQuest

When you arrive on campus, please visit us. You'll get an individual tour and get introduced to staff--with social distancing of course! We have many computers dedicated just for students, along with an impressive collection of materials, both in print and electronic. If you are at home, in your dorm, or anywhere, really, and want to access our online presence, here are the links you need to have:

NVU Libraries brings you to our website. There you'll find the SearchNorth search bar; it works similar to Google's search bar, except it will search only our in print and electronic materials. Searches like "environment AND Vermont" work best here, just a few words joined by an AND, or simply one word or a phrase. If you use a phrase, like climate change, use quotes--"climate change"--to get better search results. Note: You can also bring up our website by entering "NVU Libraries" in your browser.

SearchNorth does not search ProQuest Central, one of our huge databases, so when you are researching, it's important to search ProQuest as well.

Just what do we have for databases?

Go to NVU Libraries and select Databases A-Z in the Quick Links box. There you'll find all of our current databases.