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Academic Support

Everything you need to know about Academic Support Services: Peer Consulting, Disability Services, Academic Probation, 1:1 meetings with our counselors, food, and more!

Math Tutoring in ARC, LAC 325, next to Academic Support


When requesting a math tutoring session, email the listed tutor and copy

The following math tutors are available:

Peter Gilding, email him at to set up a time. Can tutor most math subjects.

Madeline Degroot, email her at Can tutor: Basic Math, Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Pre-Calculus

Kayleigh Wood, call her at 808-388-9747. Can tutor Intermediate Algebra.

Quinlan Peer, email at Can tutor: Basic Math, Intermediate Algebra, & Finite. Working Thursdays from 6pm-9pm

Lynsee Garfield, email at: Can tutor: Basic Math, Intermediate Algebra

Math is Hard