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Best Practices for Creating Research Guides at NVU Libraries

This guide offers tips and a template for creating libguides for NVU Libraries, with the specific intent to make all libguides accessible to every student.

Run a Link Check Report

Make use of the LibGuides link checker feature at least once per month to ensure that all your links are active. (Hint: You'll find it under Tools.)

  • Review all guides to see if there are any new resources (databases, ebooks, etc), that can be added to the guide.
  • Promptly remove database links to resources that we no longer subscribe to.
  • To Edit broken links, use the Link Checker
  • To Delete broken links use the Assets list, under the Content menu.
    • What if the link is being used in a guide other than my own?
      • Delete its appearances on your guides.
      • Let your LibGuides Administrator know.

Sunset Old Guides

If a guide is no longer relevant or was created for a class that is no longer taught, please delete it. If you aren't sure if a page should be kept, change its status to unpublished until you are sure.

Check using Multiple Devices

Check your guide on multiple devices with different screen sizes to ensure that your  guide functions well and important content is still on top. Shrinking and expanding your browser window can show a similar effect of how your guide will appear on a smaller or narrower screen.