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NVU Libraries Online


Hello everyone--I'm so glad to be part of your course. My name is Lisa Kent. I'm an online librarian at Northern Vermont University. I look forward to helping you research and find material for your course work. You can reach me by phone at 802-696-2690 and at I work part-time Monday through Thursday. Check out What's New this Week? every week to learn tips and skills, or to get acquainted with an NVU Library database.

three pots of succulents

What's new this week? A goodbye and an introduction.

Hello everyone. In August I officially retired from Northern Vermont University. Since then, I've been contracting out until my replacement, Avery Olearczyk, is up and running. That time has come, and I'll be bowing out here by October 15th. Avery is strong in skill and kindness, and she will be a great resource for you all. Over the next few weeks, you'll see the transition from me to her as she starts answering your questions and posting tips and lessons.

I've been blessed and honored to have the best job in the world, thanks to all of you students and faculty.