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Hello everyone--I'm so glad to be part of your course! My name is Lisa Kent and I'm a librarian at Northern Vermont University's Willey Library. I look forward to helping you research and find material for your course work. You can reach me by phone at 802-635-1266 and at My hours are Monday through Friday from 8 to 4 PM. Check out What's New this Week? every week to learn tips and skills, or to get acquainted with an NVU Library database.

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What's new this week? Controversial Issues.

Good morning everyone. Today I'm introducing two of our controversial issue databases, CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Here are their quick links:

In Opposing Viewpoints, I entered into the search bar "counseling" and got a result page that includes videos, points of view, audios, and articles such as Hollywood's One-Sided Narrative on 'Conversion Therapy' (2019). Here's the direct link:

In CQ Researcher, I entered the same search and found the 2019 report Abortion Controversies. Here's the link:

Please explore these helpful databases for any subject that catches your interest.


How did I get there? From the NVU Libraries home page at select Databases A-Z and then either CQ or Opposing Viewpoints.