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Social Justice @ NVU-Lyndon FAIR

What is NVU-Lyndon FAIR?

Promoting Fairness, Awareness, Inclusion, and Relationships in Our Community

The purpose of NVU-Lyndon FAIR is to serve our community as a resource and catalyst for social justice consultation, advocacy, and activism. We will do so by:

  • Engaging in consistent, open, and honest communication with each other and with all members of our community.
  • Actively collaborating with all members of our community in regard to issues of social justice.
  • Providing consultation and resources to colleagues in our community on issues related to social justice.
  • Advocating for, by working with, disenfranchised members of our community.
  • Coordinating programming which addresses the social justice needs in our community.
  • Creating opportunities for activism in support of social justice in our community.
  • Providing leadership in our community on issues related to social justice.
  • Engaging in an ongoing process of self-assessment and accountability.

What is FAIR Thinking About?